General Questions

1Courrier service
Our courrier services are; 1. Post Office [under 2kg]: R50.00 2. Local Pickup [Free] 3. Speed Service [1-2 days]: R150.00
2How to purchase an items on Kinjal online store?
1. Go to our shop; 2. Choose a item that you like and want ton purchase; 3. Click on 'Checkout'; 4. From here you'll be directed to PayFast; 5. Choose preferred payment option; 6. Transaction will be processed and then you'll be redirected to Kinjal Online Store.
3Returns and refunds?
Our returns and refunds are easy to understand, if you don't like your product just call/email us so that we are aware of the refund/return and we will address the issue promptly your product so that you can choose another item form Kinjal online l store .

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